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Clarke Focus 28" Rider Auto Scrubber Scrubber with iDrive™  New! - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
Price:  $14,402.00
ISBN:  Ship Via Truck
Manufacturer:  Clarke
Clarke sets a new standard in productive floor maintenance with the introduction of the Focus Rider Scrubber with iDrive™.
Designed with focus on the operator emphasizing comfort, safety and fun, the new Focus Rider Scrubber also addresses the needs of the buyer by providing the highest productivity, employee satisfaction, and labor savings. The unique iDrive™ Controller replaces the conventional steering wheel and column and provides effortless power steering and scrubbing functions at the touch of your fingers. Typical foot pedal functions such as braking and acceleration are also accomplished with finger tip control using iDrive™. The absence of a steering column and foot pedals provides the safest view of the scrubbing path and allows for easy and safe access to the cockpit from either side of the machine.
  • Effortless agility with iDrive™ controller (patent pending).
  • One-touch scrubbing controls can be programmed to match your facility.
  • Best operator line of sight to maximize productivity.
  • Best traction with rear transaxle drive.
  • Best in class edge cleaning with the retractable scrub deck.
  • Complete water pick-up on turns with Vaccu-Track™ side squeegee.
  • Standard on-board battery charger.
 - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
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