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S168 HEPA Mini Upright Electronic Plus with Combination Rug & Floor Tool  New! - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
Price:  $399.00
ISBN:  Free Shipping
Manufacturer:  Miele
All the features of the Miele Vacuum S163, plus HEPA filtration, electronic variable speed and a telescopic handle.
The 1000 Watt motor creates amazing airflow: 96 cubic feet of air per minute, making the S168 a perfect machine for small apartments and city lofts. The simple, maneuverable design makes vacuuming quick and easy. Made from the same material used in football helmets, our lightweight ABS casing is very strong and exceptionally durable. Other materials could be used, but at Miele, quality comes first. A small example of the details that make a vacuum cleaner a Miele. The S168 comes equipped with an Active HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, eliminate odors and filter exhaust air, plus a double-layer dustbag and a pre-motor filter. This filtration system removes to remove microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns from the exhaust of the machine. The completely sealed system is designed to help improve suction and filtration. By having tight joints and rubber seals, Miele vacuum cleaners keep the dirt and dust where it should be -- in the machine. With a unique telescopic handle, you can adjust the height of the wand, making the vacuum a perfect fit for any user. The wand can also be used below the vacuum, making it easier to reach under beds and dressers. The variable electronic speed control lets you choose the right amount of suction for any cleaning need. Designed for a variety of carpeting and smooth flooring, the combination floor tool can be adjusted depending on the flooring you clean. Soft bristles gently sweep smooth flooring and thread lifters help remove surface lint from carpeting. The S168 also includes an on-board tool caddy holding an upholstery tool and crevice tool, and the optional powerbrush lets you use the Miele S168 on deep pile carpets! A convenient two clip quick cord release system holds all 26 feet of cord when not in use. A simple twist releases the cord for use. - vacuum cleaners, janitorial supplies, floor machines
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